Come Join Us In Remembering What The World Has Forgotten.....  The Seventh Day Sabbath!

Articles of Truth Regarding Pagan Feasts/Holidays/Traditions & Celebrations...

Breaking loose from traditions/celebrations that we have known our whole lives, holidays that were indoctrinated into us from our birth,

is difficult at best, but if we are going to go on to know the Lord and His will more earnestly, we must learn the truth!

So, if you are willing to learn the truth and put away the celebration of these pagan holidays/feasts, then I pray for your understanding

to be opened as youread these informative articles.

May the Grace of God give you strength as you change from "Glory to Glory"!

I'll be adding to this as I find more articles of interest.

All "meanings" given are taking from the online website....


Pagan - Meaning:

"A person who is not a Christian, Jew, or Muslim; a heathen; an uncivilized or unenlightened person"

Holiday - Meaning:

"Many holidays of the major world religions tend to occur at the approximate dates of more ancient, pagan festivals."

Celebrations - Meaning:

"performance of a religious ceremony"

Traditions - Meaning:

"A long-established or inherited way of thinking or acting"

Feasts - Meaning:

"A day or period of time set aside to commemorate, ritually celebrate or reenact, or anticipate events or seasons-agricultural, religious, or sociocultural"


Christmas - Meaning:

"Also called Christmas Day. Dec 25, observed as a day of secular celebrations when gifts and greetings are exchanged/Today, Christmas is largely

secularized and dominated by gifts, decorated trees, and a jolly Santa Claus."

Christmas, Why Not Keep It?

  It is NOT Scriptural.... It has Pagan Origins....
            God Forbids us to use such Practices for Worship....
   It promotes Lying and Ignoring God’s Commandments....
             It Trades God’s Commanded Holy Days for Vain Traditions of Men...

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**Halloween - Meaning:

"the eve of All Saints' Day celebrated on Oct 31 by masquerading; Allhallows Eve"

Halloween - All Saints' Day/All Souls' Day~  The Advocate of Truth


**Easter - Meaning:

"An important religious festival among Christians; it commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus after his Crucifixion."

"Originally a Saxon word (Eostre), denoting a goddess of the Saxons, in honour of whom sacrifices were offered about the time of the Passover.

Hence the name came to be given to the festival of the Resurrection of Christ, which occurred at the time of the Passover."

Missouri Watchman:
Easter Origins  ~ 1 & 2~ Bro. Walker


**Resurrection  - Meaning:

"the rising again of Christ from the tomb three days after his death" (remember: 3 Days)

The Reality of The Resurrection ~ The Advocate of Truth

The Resurrection Hoax ~ ACTS Magazine

3 Days/3 Nights  ~  The Resurrection of Christ NOT on Sunday/Excerpt - E.E. Franke