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Mr. Carl

Celebrating His Inspirational Writings

In Memory

Minister Stewart & his dad, Carl......

My Father-in-law, Carl Stewart,  was a man of vision when it came to writing and he wrote all the time, if not on paper - in his mind. I saw someone hand him a stick one time, from his very own front yard, and they asked him if he could write a story about it? He did and for the life of me I don't know where it is, but I would imagine it was great.

He became known as "Mr. Carl" and signed his stories that way. He had a way with words, often telling crowds of kids fascinating children's stories in church each week. My husband tells me of how his dad would wait until something extra scary or especially interesting was going to happen, and then announce to them they'd have to wait until next week for the "rest of the story!" and all the kids would complain, loudly. My husband says his dad did it on purpose...he was like that.

I don't think he could have ever written enough; and he wrote on anything that was handy such as napkins and envelopes. I've even seen him write notes on his computer hard-drive tower because he couldn't find a piece of paper fast enough. I told him one time, "Pop, don't you know what this does to your warranty?" But he never worried about such things, he was here to write no matter what it was on.

In 1997, I, and other family members, started working with him on his writings and a few of his writings were published. Many people bought his children's stories to use in their children's Bible classes, which brought him great happiness.

In 2003, when Mr. Carl died. Afterward, I brought home a streamer trunk full of his writings, enough to keep me busy for years to come (think it's possible that one day I 'll find that "stick" story?) Our entire family agreed that his writings and his ability to make them seem real needed to be available to people, of all ages, to enjoy. My mission is clear.

Part of the goal of this website is to honor his memory and his talents.  I know that as you get to know him, through his works, you'll find he was indeed a gifted artist in his own right.

Lynne Stewart

House of Prayer Sabbath Ministries